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After 3 months of taking Optimum: the surprising supplement that fights stress, boosts vitality and is a beauty booster

After 3 months of taking Optimum: the surprising supplement that fights stress, boosts vitality and is a beauty booster

10 Mar 2023 | VOGUE
Optimum, by Hifas da Terra, is the natural supplement whose effects are perceived from the first day. However, after three months of taking it, the benefits inside and out are more than noticeable.

We have already talked about the positive effects of Optimum, the nutritional supplement of Hyphae da Terra, which are noticeable from the first day and range from increased energy levels to a better night’s rest. But this supplement has many more health and wellness benefits after the first three months of daily use. Those who have tried it and have kept taking it constantly during this time report not only visible external effects, such as brighter skin and stronger hair, but also others that are much more relevant on an internal level. Calm anxiety, combat stress and face the challenges of everyday life with more energy. That is why today we stop to explain a little more about the secret of this product and the way in which it acts on the holistic well-being of those who have tried it.

When it comes to nutricosmetics, ingredients are key. Informing ourselves about them, their properties and effects on our health is what will help us to make a thoughtful and conscious decision about which one may be more beneficial to us. Optimum harvests the best of the sea and the land for a 100% natural formula, suitable for lactose and gluten intolerant people, and wrapped in vegetable capsules. All contained in a biodegradable and chemical-free container. The secret of its composition belongs to Hyphae da Terra, the biotechnological laboratory based in Galicia specialized in the field of integrative medicine, and its objective is to act in favor of prevention in terms of health. For this purpose, mushroom extracts and medicinal plants combine their potential with that of algae and others as natural probiotics.

With a recommended dosage of two capsules a day, its beneficial effects are perceptible in a gradual way as the days go by and consistency is maintained. Already from the first day, the body and mind respond in a striking way, with a
of vitality and energy that helps you cope with routine. It is from the second month when its benefits against anxiety start to become noticeable, perceiving a more relaxed and stable mood, as well as better digestion. The immune system is strengthened from the third month, as well as your ability to concentrate. But you will also notice other improvements in the body, such as stronger hair and nails and a more luminous skin. After the first three months of supplementation, the benefits are noticeable in the overall wellbeing of your body and mind.

Everything goes well when our health is strengthened, both inside and out. Healthy skin and strong hair are only the surface of an armored immune system and a balanced and peaceful mind. If this is what really matters to you when you think about beauty and wellness, Optimum may be the natural supplement you’ve been looking for.

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