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Mushroom supplementation is the ultimate in beauty

Mushroom supplementation is the ultimate in beauty

17 Apr 2023 | Ok Daily
We discover the Spanish nutritional supplement sold in Harrods and based on the 'mushroom of immortality'.

The pillars of our care have to be firm and assign us a series of benefits that support our inner health. The deficiencies that arise in our organism must be corrected in an effective way, under an objective of perfection, and this can be achieved through food supplements. The search for external health is one of our sacred mantras, but we forget that what manifests our skin and our body, outwardly, comes from the inside and, ultimately, if we do not take care of ourselves from the inside, our exterior will not be healthy. One of the reference brands at national level, Optimum Health, the new natural bet of the Galician brand Hyphae da Terra, brings together in one product everything we always look for in a supplement. A natural formula that works through the power of nature on six pillars: beauty, digestion, sleep, stress, vitality and immunity. A exclusive and innovative nutritional supplementwhich combines the best ingredients from the sea and land, is the perfect choice to balance body and mind. and achieve the best version of oneself.

These are some of the reasons that have made him enter the great British department store Harrods, the epicenter of European luxury, being a great milestone, because if your product is really good and important, it is integrated into the essence of the great British house. It is also the first Spanish brand of these characteristics to be incorporated, expanding the range of offerings at the site.

It is a source of pride that a national brand is part of the inner life of the British people, acclaiming its benefits, because from the first month of taking the product, a greater vitality is achieved, with more energy to face the day to day. From the second, digestion improves, as well as mood. In the third month, the immune system is strengthened and the ability to concentrate increases. In addition, hair and nails are invigorated, and skin appears luminous and radiant.

Behind the success of the accessory is the name of a remarkable woman, Catalina Fernández de Ana Portela, biologist, mycologist and PhD in Clinical Research in Medicine from the University of Santiago de Compostela, is responsible for the success of the company Hyphae da Terra, which, as founder and president, applies a know howbased on more than 20 years of experience, together with a large and international team of experts. To know the origin of the company, it is necessary to go back to 1998, when it was born. Hyphae da Terra is a biotech based on research and innovation, with a high degree of specialization in the development of nutraceuticals from medicinal mushrooms.

The sustainability on which it is based, is based on ingredients natural and ecologicalall of them covered with vegetable capsules and packaging that is earth-friendly, so care is not only integrated into our interior, but also helps the planet generate less waste.

A innovative treatment aimed at the research and development of natural products for the maintenance and improvement of human health. It is worth mentioning the Reishi, known as the immortality mushroom, has an anti-aging action, soothing properties and a high antioxidant power; and, among the probiotics, the
Lactobacillus plantarum
a beneficial bacterium that lives naturally in our intestinal microbiota to balance it and regulate intestinal transit.

Hyphae da Terra’s commitment to wellness focuses on research and innovation for the development of products such as nutraceuticals, medical devices and biopharmaceuticals of high quality and added value for the integrative treatment of pathologies.

In short, each and every one of the benefits provided by this food supplement, both inside and out, has become a great success in the British capital, achieving a firm position and a great impact on their society.



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